Eric Bellinger, Too $hort, Ty$ - 9 Lives

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Eric Bellinger, Too $hort, Ty$ - 9 Lives
Скачать песню 9 Lives Eric Bellinger, Too $hort, Ty$
she came here with you and left with me
it's all about the game, this ain't destiny
i know you real, but i'm realer
certified west coast kitty-kat killa
yeah i kill that cat, that's why she feel like that
ain't no trickin' mane, i still got stacks
ask any body i'm a real-ass mac
and suckas like you gotta peel off racks and give her that
but don't come too quick, coz when i hit
i give a bitch long dick
fuck with me that's all she gon get
i keep grinding and i don't quit
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