Tyga - REAL DEAL (Emin Nilsen Remix)

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Tyga - REAL DEAL (Emin Nilsen Remix)
Скачать песню REAL DEAL (Emin Nilsen Remix) Tyga
Looking at the clock it’s about that time
Can I introduce myself?
I been watching you from far, and it’s been too long can I have this song
I just get so mesmerized when you up and against that pole
I just wanna take you home
Who are they to criticize
How you decide to make your money
I will spend every dime on you baby, take it from me Since I saw you in the corner
Had to let you know I want ya All these b*tches say you bougie
Didn’t stop me from approaching
I don’t give a f*ck, what your reputation is I just won’t repeat this night and do it all over again
These are the thoughts in my mind
Hope you don’t think I’m crazy
Just don’t ever try to play me These are rules I’m engaging
I sit back in the back and wait for the perfect time
Seems you don’t have the time
Wish I could re-reverse the time
Pretty little thang, give me love out of a sippy cup
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