Janira - Maze (Tik Tok)

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  • Дата релиза: 24 август 2020
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Janira - Maze (Tik Tok)
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You don’t know me I’m like a maze
I don’t give a fuck bout the fame
You don’t know me I’m like amazing
Tried to play me but they looked crazy
Ain’t ask why, I just forgave em
Kept it moving, this ain’t no race
Tried to save you but you betrayed me
Through It all I remain the same me

Same squad
Same motive
Same heart
Ex nigga miss me, he scarred
Tried to change you, I couldn’t
It was hard
Got through it, dodged bullets
I’m a star
Full of love
Full of life
Real may not be the word
I’m always right
They always find the perfect way to waste my time
So this time I’m in charge
No holds barred
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