Bumble Beezy - Switch

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Bumble Beezy - Switch
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I see copies of those copies that copies of someone else
I brought coffins for those copies, got shovels, got hammers, got nails
Kamikaze if we talking about the process, I’m unavailable I made them mad
Name another one like Bumble Beezy - u can’t, still doin’ only what need and get paid

Bitch, I’m on a mission, me and my crew, tunnel vision may blind you
Styrofoam cup full of pink shit, ch-ch-childhood, nah, really, why you trying to die, fool?
Better check the flow, real ass killa, it can punch you like ten shots of tequila
Aiming at your top, put your cup down, you can spill it, heard about it from my fans - it’s unforgettable feeling

Rap game is so damn fucked up, dumb folks don’t loves those
Who can bring to em’ his own flows, but
Everybody knows I can’t switch
Flyin’ high like a kite, right?
Get me, get me I can’t switch
You get me, get me I can’t switch

Keep it real with yourself, I’m not Joe Budden, I don’t have any questions
But I was on the low too, and I can afford not to be a clown, i don't get it, dear freshmans
That jewelry don’t make you harder, when you fake as hell, you can barely hide it
I can old-schoolin’ you, little boy, It’s been a hell of a journey, I was born in 90’s
Illest flow, I got long bread, drop bar, I drop bomb - Funk Flex
I feel like YBN Cordae among his peers - I’m too damn smart for you, dumb ass
You dead if your hype dead - fun fact, your fans are not really your fans
The wave has changed, there is no one left, trendy shit shot you, point blank, toe tag
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