Melanie Martinez - Notebook

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Melanie Martinez - Notebook
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I'm not physically fulfilled
You've never held it down all night
And you're selfish 'cause you always think your ass is always right
And you never see the lesson when it's right in front your eyes
Are you writing this shit down?
Cause baby boy, I think it's time

Time you learned a thing or two
'Bout how to keep a girl like me with you
Time you learned how to switch it up
I'm tired of running to you, just give up
'Cause I didn't sign up for this
Had to make it ten times more than you, boy
When I sacrificed blood for you
I sacrificed blood

Write this shit in your notebook, baby
Since you never wrotе love letters to mе, to me
Don't forget all the things I taught you
You'll need it for someone who isn't me, ain't me
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