ppcocaine - Hugh Hefner

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ppcocaine - Hugh Hefner
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hey, reporting live, it's trap bunny bubbles
Play the game or the game plays you
I ain't mean to hurt you but it's what I do
Life lil baby nah it ain't cruel
I'm not claiming shit you was not my boo
Not staying long just passing through
Steady breaking hearts it ain't nothing new
I was never staying just get a clue
Big cripping bae rocking all that blue
Don't know me yet but you want to
Got the Playboy tat and I'm on too
Steady breaking hearts what you gon' do
Tryna test these hoes like grade school (Test)
Don't be mad ion want you (Don't want you)
Got you kissing on my neck and my thighs too
I said don't be mad ion want you
Things won't work with a girl like you
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